"The House Away from Home"

Welcome to OPEN PLAYHOUSE: Where Curiosity Meets Creativity and Communication 

At OPEN PLAYHOUSE, we're more than just a space; we're the beginning of a journey. Nestled in the heart of Malaysia, we are pioneers in edutainment, blending education with entertainment to spark curiosity, foster creativity, and enhance communication among children and parents alike. 

Our philosophy is simple: Learn through PLAY. In a world that's increasingly digital, we offer a sanctuary that brings learning back to its roots - fun, interactive, and engaging. Each corner of OPEN PLAYHOUSE is thoughtfully designed to be a playground for young minds, encouraging exploration and discovery in a stimulating yet safe environment. 

But we're not just for the little ones. We understand that learning is a journey best taken together. That's why we've created a community for families - a place where parents can join their children in the adventure of lifelong learning, one playful step at a time. 

Innovation and empowerment are at the heart of what we do. We strive to constantly evolve, ensuring that every visit to OPEN PLAYHOUSE leaves you with new knowledge, memories, and a stronger bond with your family. 

Join us at OPEN PLAYHOUSE, your house away from home, where every visit is an adventure waiting to unfold.

“The House Away from Home”

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