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DIY Garden Kit (Terra Cotta Pot - Paint & Plant)

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What's in the BOX.?

1. Terra Cotta Clay Pot x 1
2. Acrylic Paint 2.5ml x 6
3. Brush x 1
4. Varnish x 1
5. Seed Sponge
6. Water Sprayer
7. Cotton
8. Popsicle
9. Soil
10. Seed (Vege + Green Beads)

Benefits of Gardening with Children

Sensory Exploration

Gardening can heighten all senses in children. They can feel the dirt, flowers, fruit, leaves and seeds, see the vibrant colours and sizes of plants, hear the sound of leaves rustling and fruit/vegetables being picked and smell the flowers, fruits and herbs fresh.  Best of all, they can taste the outcome of their hard work! By engaging all five senses, gardening can help children to better understand the process of gardening and where their food comes from.


Undertaking a gardening project can teach responsibility to children, as they learn that it is their job to take care of their seeds and plants each day in order for them to be healthy. By creating a checklist for children to run through each day, they can get a better understanding of the role they play in taking care of plants.

Motor Skill Development

Gardening requires children to practice and hone in on their fine motor skills. Planting seeds, scooping dirt and watering plants all help to improve motor skills, which can in term help to improve their concentration and learning capabilities. 

Promote Healthy Eating

Getting children to eat their fruits and vegetables can sometimes be a challenge. When they are involved in every step of the process, however, they are more likely to gain a sense of ownership and pride over their healthy eating choices. 

Introduction to Science & Math

There are so many parts of gardening that introduce children to basic concepts of science and math. Math concepts can include counting seeds, measuring soil depth, and counting petals/leaves. Science concepts can include the sprouting process and gaining an understanding of how plants require sunlight and water for growth. 

In addition to these wonderful benefits from gardening, the process teaches children to be patient. The waiting time for a vegetable to be ready to pick, or for a flower to open up, will make the moment even more exciting.

Source: https://lll.edu.au/News-and-Advice/2019-11/Benefits-of-Gardening-with-Children


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